With CIS, contemporary service and cost transparency are just the start. We don’t want you to just buy insurance. We want you to reap the value-added benefits of working with our Florida-based agency. Rest assured, our knowledgeable agents and specialists stay on the leading-edge of industry advancements to adjust insurance policies and customize services to meet your current needs and exceed your future expectations.


In Florida, the cost of insurance is a big topic for individuals and organizations alike. CIS believes cost transparency is the key to understanding coverages, discounts, medications, and other details. Our specialists will explain all costs involved in a policy, including a review of what you currently pay, and an explanation of any costs entailed in our work. This complete transparency model gives you financial confidence in buying the most beneficial solutions.


At CIS, contemporary service is at the forefront of how we do business. Our industry-leading team offers customized solutions to serve individuals, local businesses across Marion and Alachua counties, and large organizations stretching beyond North Central Florida. With full digital interface and custom videos for our clients, CIS has spearheaded technological ways to ensure you understand and optimize every aspect of an insurance policy or benefits plan.